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Wise protec technology

proven to reduce
99.5% of Sars-Cov-2 on contact with the mask

Undoubtedly the safest, most comfortable and sustainable mask ever developed.

Proven to reduce SARS-Cov-2 activity by 99,5% after 30 minutes on contact with the mask.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the antiviral mask is the combination of innovative technologies and molecular breakthroughs.

The non-toxic chemical ingredient creates a defensive layer that reduces viral and microbial activity. Endorsed by leading medical doctors. Engineered to protect you.

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Defense against virus and bacteria

This product reduces viral and bacterial activity on contact.

Antimicrobial protection

The non-toxic ingredient creates a protective layer that reduces microbial activity, decreasing the risk of a secondary infection.


Combination of high-grade filters with the most advanced moisture control technology maximizes user safety and comfort.

Water-repellent protection

Repels droplets containing viruses and bacteria, minimizing the risk of contagion.

Moisture control

Enhanced breathability balancing humidity and temperature levels.

Washable and reusable

Antimicrobial technology is effective up to 50 washes.

Non toxic and skin safe

Engineered to protect you.

Wise Protec

Advisory panel

Wise Protec is fast becoming the Doctors choice because of all the unique properties and benefits the technology provides.

“What I really like about Wise protec is sustainability. It’s good to be able to have masks that are sustainable, reusable and don’t loose these properties that you need. And also comfortable!”

Dr Carolyn Hemsley
Dr Carolyn Hemsley

“Most face coverings are designed to protect those around you, should you unknowingly be infected, but Wise Protec masks offer you added protection when you are out and about. The fabric is impregnated with an active ingredient that has been proven to reduce viral activity, even after washing, giving you protection from those around you.”

Dr Dawn Harper, GP
Dr Dawn Harper, GP

“There is a compelling logic behind buying a better quality mask that you can wash and re wear, like the Wise Protec Mask. They are better for the environment and cheaper than repeat purchasing disposable face coverings. Wise Protec masks offer public facing organisations a sustainable solution helping to ensure the safety of their staff and service users.”

Mike Farrah
Mike Farrah
Deputy Chief Executive at Kings College Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust, Ex-Chief Executive of the NHS

How does the Technology work?

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Beyond Masks: The Technology Revolution

Webinar Highlights – July 2020

6 Minute Highlights Replay from “Beyond Masks: The Technology Revolution” with Panellists Jorge Machado – Wise Protec Co-Founder, Dr Dawn Harper, GP who is a practicing NHS GP and has worked in the NHS for over 30 years and Dr Carolyn Hemsley, a specialist in Infectious Diseases at a leading London hospital.


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After a numerous amount of requests about creating Wise Protec masks for kids, we have finally given in and come up with the line for children! Combining the latest innovations, most advanced technologies and cute design we have developed a mask that will keep your child safe, without compromising his or her comfort.

Wise Protec Anti-Viral technology is scientifically proven to reduce 99,5% SARS-Cov-2 viral activity under 30 min.

We know how important the color choice is for kids, thus the line includes 4 different colors both for him and her. Allow your children choose for themselves, so you don’t have to wonder about the choice. Let children be children, while we keep them safe.

Hurry up and get your hands on the mask first by pre-ordering it right now!


  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Moisture control
  • Extreme durability
  • Breathability

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