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Does the mask have anti-bacterial protection?

This product was developed with the most advanced textile technologies available in the market, with the purpose of protecting their wearears of microbial contamination.

Why use the water repellent?

Water repellency technology is being used to repel and avoid droplets of water to burst upon contact with the treated surface and to prevent its subsequent release of organic material on surfaces close to the face of the consumer.

What is a non-migratory technology?

It is a technology that does not leave the textile substract upon usage or washing.

How effective is the product?

The combination of smart design, formulation and technologies acts as formidable protection barrier, above and beyond any other product available in the market for the general population.
The product is engineered to avoid microbial contamination and designed to act and eliminate threats in the scenario of fabric contamination.

Can we claim the product inactivates virus?

Laboratorial results indicate that our fabrics treated with our technology are effective in the inactivation of viruses. Tests were performed according to the official ISO viricidal test standard.

Can we wash the product?

Yes. Repeatedly.
All products are engineered to be washed at low temperatures and without the need for fabric softener. We want the users to protect their garments and the environment.

Wise Protec Anti-Viral mask is tested and can be washed at 60 degrees up to 50 washes.

This mask was developed with innovative functional finishing technologies that give it properties of protection, meaning, an antimicrobial that allows the neutralization of bacteria and virus, that in our fabric is resistent to 50 washes. These finishing technologies are tested in european laboratories.

Should the product be stored in any special form?

There is no need for special storage of any of the products.

For how long is the product effective?

Studies demonstrate similar effects throughout time. There is no indication time plays any significant role in the degradation of the protective qualities of the product.

Is this product aimed for medical professionals?

The product was constructed with the validation and counseling of several medical doctors with different specialties and backgrounds. Wise Protec Anti-Viral masks are classified as Class 1 Medical Devices and compliant with all new regulations and recommendations being issued by several European countries.

Are the masks on offer certified?

On direct comparison terms, our mask offers several protection systems compared to the standard of particles retention measured in most international norms.
An independent, certified lab, certified our product as Class 1 Medical devices with CE mark. We have a score of 95% of particle retention with a diameter greater than 3μm, according to the norm MI 142-CITEVE.
We also have measurements of the masks breathability with certified results of 9,8L of air per minute. The result falls within internationally accepted parameters according to the test norm EN ISO 9237:1995.
There is little regulation or norms regarding masks with particle repellency and microbial protection as we offer.