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Wise protec line comprises of a set of cleverly designed masks, aimed specifically to the general population to allow them to have a strong layer of protection when resuming their daily activities. The current pandemic will have long lasting effects on global societies and new segments for visually appealing protective wear will be created. This should be the first protective wear line in the market to combine design, functionality and technology and should set the trend for years to come.
All technologies and components used in our range are certified in terms of its claimed efficiency, are individually registered in the EU and are compliant with all European Union norms and regulations.
The entire range was created with several redundant safety features, working simultaneously to minimize the probabilities of primary and secondary contamination by SARS-CoV-2 and dozens of other pathogens

biocidal effect

Every textile component of the product is enhanced with an exclusive formulation that includes the active agent Dimethyloctadecyl Ammonium Chloride, conferring the following benefits:

Reduces development of bacterial growth

Demonstrated antiviral reduction in several independent samples according to the norm 18184:2019 Determination of antiviral activity of textile products

Long-lasting antimicrobial action demonstrated by European laboratories to be effective on a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi and algae.

A non-migratory technology is used in the process of fixation of the active ingredient on the article, meaning particles are not released onto the skin or into the environment.

Prevents the formation of odors in the inside and outside layers of the mask

Highly effective at preventing cross-contamination, allowing for a much safer utilization of the product and reducing probability of contagion

It does not interfere with the natural bio fauna we all have on our skin that are beneficial to human beings.

Does not include any heavy metals:
  • 0% Silver
  • 0% TBT
  • 0% Formaldehyde
  • 0% Triclosan
  • 0% Arsenic

It is a non-toxic product for wastewater bacteria, and it is biodegradable (OECD 209 / 302B).
The active ingredient is already registered and approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and BPR (Biocidal Product Registration).

It is registered on the ECHA (European Chemical Agency) article 95 list as a approved and certified anti-microbial product and deemed safe to used in the European Union.

It is REACH approved and Öeko-tex Certified.

The technology used is highly resistant to washing, maintaining an efficiency level greater than 99% even after dozens of domestic washes, remaining functional throughout the product’s useful life.

We are claiming 95% efficiency on bacterial reduction after 50 domestic washes.
The bond created by the active ingredient and the fabric is extremely strong and does not dissolve in water.

Contrary to the common anti-bacterial agents that work via poisoning, our active ingredient is not consumed by the microbes lasting for much longer than alternatives.

Additionally, a water-repellent treatment equivalent to one used in hospital products was added to the masks, in an effort to provide a strong, additional layer of protection. However our product is to be used as a social mask and not as a medical product.

One of the main means of aerial viral transport is through small water droplets or aerosols. The protective factor added to the masks allows the outer layer of the fabric to be used as a strong invisible repellent barrier, increasing the probability of harmful droplets being repelled preventing its attachment to the textile’s surface.

User movement or air friction is sufficient to repel any droplets that may be in contact with the textile substrate.
Our product is Oeko-tex and REACH registered and therefore compliant with European regulation.